Chinese character decomposition for students!


Polina Shinkina’s Author Spotlight page

From now on your life will become easier! You save a lot of time and efforts memorizing each Chinese character. Once decomposition is understood, it won’t be necessary spending hours writing one and the same character. Just explain once the decomposition of the character to your friend and you yourself will remember its writing forever!


Decomposition example of the character怎 zěn how

怎 zěn how

乍  zhà first

丿  piě slash

一  yī one

丨  gǔn line

二  èr two

心  xīn heart

丿  piě slash

乚  yǐ second

丶  zhǔ dot

丶  zhǔ dot


乍丿一丨二 心丿乚丶丶


More information and guidelines about decomposition you can find in each Chinese textbook by Polina Shinkina on

and in the The Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance


Author: theearthofbrain

Chinese Language Teacher

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