The Best Practice to Learn Chinese Characters

Chinese characters are simple and easy to understand. Understanding comes when you analyze Chinese characters and see that all of them consist of simple radicals in different combinations.

There are 214 radicals in the Chinese language. One third of them are more or less often repeated in different Chinese characters. The rest of the radicals are less often used.

You will easily learn the most often used radicals because they are very simple in their structures and consist of a smaller number of strokes. The rest radicals will be learned in the course of your learning practice.

Find a minute for practicing in decomposition of the Chinese character 早 zǎo ‘morning’

曰 yuē say

冂 jiōng down box

二 èr two

十 shí ten

一 yī one

丨 gǔn line


曰冂二 十一丨

Synonyms: Structural analysis of the Chinese characters, Breakdown of the Chinese characters.

More about Chinese character decomposition please check The Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance





Author: theearthofbrain

Chinese Language Teacher

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