Analytical Habits and Split Practice

The Chinese language is not as difficult as it might seem. The major obstacle that the Chinese language learners come across is the lack of analytical habits, Chinese characters split practice.

The Chinese characters decomposition is very simple, the learner has to understand the Chinese characters breakdown process and its sequence.

Once the Chinese character is analyzed and understood it will be easily memorized and the learner will not have to spend hours writing it for memorization.

The simplicity of the Chinese character structural analysis you can see here:

Decomposition of the Chinese character 千 qiān ‘thousand’:

千  qiān thousand

丿  piě slash

十  shí ten

一  yī one

丨  gǔn line

千  丿  十  一  丨

If you analyse a couple of the Chinese characters more you will like this process and realize how the Chinese characters are simple indeed.

More about Chinese character decomposition you can check ‘The Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance’ by Polina Shinkina and



Author: theearthofbrain

Chinese Language Teacher

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