The Effective and Successful Method for Teaching the Chinese Characters

The Chinese character decomposition is a very effective and successful method for teaching the Chinese characters.

 Decomposition of the Chinese character  饭  fàn  ‘meal’:

饣  shí eat,

丿  piě slash,

乛  yǐ second,

反  fǎn opposite,

厂  hǎn            cliff,

又  yòu again,


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How to Avoid a Public Skyfall in the Classroom?

Any Chinese language teacher can remember a helpless situation when he could not give a proper explanation of a Chinese character to his students.

 Not because of the lack of knowledge or poor qualification. Many reasons can lead to such a public shame in the classroom: indisposition, insomnia, stress…

 How to avoid this kind of the public sky fall in the face of the students? The answer can be far simplier than anyone even can suppose: The Chinese Character Decomposition.

 Decomposition of the Chinese characters is a very effective and successful method for teaching the Chinese characters. The efficiency of this method has been probed and proven in the classroom for many years.

 The Chinese character decomposition is a very convenient educational tool both for students and teachers.

 Students get quicker and solid writing skills of the Chinese characters. Teachers upgrade the efficiency of the lessons and always explain any Chinese character without a special preparation for such explanation.

 Let us see how the Chinese character decomposition turns the complicated into the simple: Decomposition of the Chinese Character  点  diǎn   ‘o’clock’

占  zhàn occupy,

⺊  bǔ divination,

丨  gǔn line,

一  yī one,

口  kǒu mouth,

冂  jiōng down box,

一 yī one,

灬  huǒ fire,


占⺊ 丨一口冂 一灬


Now you will always fly high in the sky. The sky will never fall down in your classroom!

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Uncrown Your Fears

 Have you ever tried to use Chinese character decomposition method to memorize Chinese characters?

Chinese character seems to be simple when its structure is analysed and understood.

Decomposition of the Chinese сharacter 般 bān ‘sort’ :


zhōu boat,

丿 piě slash,

丹 dān red,

⺆ jiōng down box,

一 yī one,

丶 zhǔ dot,

殳 shū weapon,

几 jǐ table,

丿 piě slash,

⺄ yǐ second,

又 yòu again,




I think the Chinese character decomposition can totally uncrown the myth about the Chinese characters’ difficulty.

What is your opinion?


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汉字分解。 Decomposition of the Chinese Character 船 chuán ‘boat’


舟  zhōu boat,

丿  piě slash,

丹  dān red,

⺆  jiōng down box,

一  yī one,

丶  zhǔ dot,

几  jǐ table,

丿  piě slash,

⺄  yǐ second,

口  kǒu mouth,

冂  jiōng down box,

一  yī one,


舟丿丹⺆ 一丶几丿⺄口冂 一


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