The Chinese Purchase and Sales Contract EBook Published by Polina Shinkina!

Polina Shinkina has self-published the 24th   Chinese business eBook ‘Terms of Delivery’ on


This eBook includes the following purchase and sales contract provisions: seller, buyer, acceptance of goods, terms of delivery, FOB, ISO 2000, loss of goods, risk of damage, payment for goods, total amount, advanced payment, percent, electronic remittance, the original of invoice, certificate of the place of origin, packing list, certificate of conformity, customs declaration, export consignment note, maintenance directory, components catalog.


‘Terms of Delivery’ is an excerpt from Polina Shinkina’s ‘Purchase and Sales Contract Part 1’ eBook. It is designed for a wide range of the Chinese language learners and teachers as a supplementary material in their Chinese business lessons.


The text of the excerpt is followed by the glossary in the form of a word-for-word translation, list of used characters and the Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance with all decomposed Chinese characters used in this eBook.


For detailed description and preview please check Polina Shinkina’s Author Spotlight page


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