Paperback “Commercial Email Samples Intermediate Level” by Polina Shinkina

This textbook includes five business email letters written in full compliance with the modern Chinese email correspondence specific requirements.

The themes in the emails include discussion of international manufacturing standards, export-import operations, company profile, quotation and visiting a factory.

The correct business email text layout, usage of the exact standard lexicology and stylistics, variety of introduction and closing phrases are undoubtedly an awesome supplement for the Chinese language learners.

The email texts are followed by detailed wordings which facilitate and speed up the learning process.

This textbook is specially designed as an intermediate course for the Chinese language learners who are willing to be successfully employed in the area of the international business.

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Paperback “The Contract Total Amount” by Polina Shinkina

“The Contract Total Amount” is a one-topic textbook from the series of the textbooks related to discussion of different aspects of business contract terms in the Chinese language. The textbook contains a number of useful phrases and words which might be used in the process of business negotiations.

The main purpose of this textbook is developing speaking skills by means of studying general questions. The skill of asking questions is very important in business talks with the Chinese trading partners as well as in business correspondence.

The grammar of this textbook presents different types of general questions, such as general questions with modal verbs and alternative questions. Each exercise includes one type of question and it makes the study process comfortable and easy to memorize.

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